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Haversham is a friendly club just north of Milton Keynes.  Their lake is a little larger than ours and they regularly send a number of boats to compete in our Wayfarer Open Meeting.

Les and Graham took part at Haversham for the second year and were blessed with glorious sunshine.  Once again it was proved that the nutritional coach was able to eliminate the effects of the previous night's hangover and improve the after lunch performance markedly.

Note that it required a 270g burger in an oversized bun to achieve this result!

Subsequently the nutritional coach found that Team Burton / Parry respond particularly well to a diet of smoked salmon and roast chicken with garlic potatoes washed down with copious quantities of Hobgoblin.

Unfortunately, in spite of having been provided with an exquisitely crafted spinnaker sheet saver, the spinnaker itself failed to make an appearance.  No change there, then!

The spinnaker sheet saver subsequently disappeared when Les was replacing his rigging.  Graham has still not provided the stainless steel wire for a replacement.  Yet another excuse not to use the spinnaker!