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Andrew launches his new toy

On Sunday 16 September Andrew and Marion brought their shiny new Albacore to WOSC for her first outing.  The boat came from the North of Scotland and was delivered most of the way by Stewart.

Apparently the trip South was conducted in the rain and when Stewart arrived home he realised that there was a considerable quantity of water trapped in the undercover and was seeping onto the ground.  Top tip for cover manufacturers.  Cut a slit in the bottom of undercovers to let water escape!

What Andrew discovered when he uncovered his new baby was that red nylon undercovers and pristine white GRP hulls and decks don't mix.  Well actually they do mix with the result that there were several red patches on the hull and deck where the colour had bled from the undercover to the GRP.

This gave Andrew the ideal opportunity to use a couple of Farecla professional detailing products to remove the red stains and then polish the complete hull and decks.  The result was astonishing.  Water beaded off the hull just like a professionally prepared Rolls Royce.  Andrew was very modest about the result, but I would not be surprised if the kitchen sink and surfaces chez Andrew and Marion are similarly gleaming and spotless.

Enjoy the pictures.  I can't be held responsible for the weather!  The only negative point of the day was that someone forgot to bring the champagne to crack across the bow.