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Hardwick Hardship 2012

The Hardwick Hardship is a 4 hour race held in October and frequently in pretty hairy conditions.  This year the forecast was for light breezes and that is exactly what we got.  The lack of wind and an uncertain direction proved to be a challenge for the Race Officer.


11 crews assembled on or near the starting line and commenced the first of many laps of the course.  At the end of the race only 3 of the 11 remained.  Finishing order was Byte (Guy), Lightning (Martin), National 12 (John).

Special mention must be made of Alexander who did very well not to embarrass himself in front of his new helm.  He had to jump ship immediately after the finish, with a leap straight onto the jetty, and make a very undignified cross-legged waddle to the loo!  Meanwhile Jon was left to sail the boat home and put it to bed.