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Les and Graham fly the flag

uk union jack flag waving animated gif 7


On Sunday 29 July Les and Graham went afloat with a Union Flag attached to their mast to mark the beginning of the Olympic Games.

In spite of the additional windage they managed to romp home in first place, probably due to their pre-race intake of chicken tikka and pork and apple sausages.  The nutritional coach proved once again that this team really does sail on it's stomachs!

During the race the club was visited by the Police who had received a report of a Union Flag being flown upside down and they wanted assurance that nobody was in distress.  Les, most uncharitably suggested that they had come to pick Graham up!

For future reference Les, as any vexillologist will tell you, the easy way to know if the Union Flag is the correct way up is to look for the fimbriation of the ordinaries.  If the fimbriation is below the saltire in the upper hoist canton, then the flag is being flown correctly.