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17 February 2013

17 February dawned misty and cold.  By the time the mist had burned off it was fairly warm in the sunshine, but still a bit chilly in the shade.

Les and Graham had an excellent lunch of roast pork sandwiches with stuffing.  Both Les and Graham were sure that the stuffing was fruit cake.

The ensuing race proved once again that Team Burton / Parry sail best on full stomachs.  After a pretty good start they managed to reach the windward mark in front of the rest of the fleet and then lead them round the course.

I can only assume that the pork sandwiches were not sufficiently large, as within the space of only five minutes they managed to drop from first to second from last.

Those of you who have followed the exploits of team Burton / Parry will probably agree with me that their best efforts have been made with full stomachs.  For those of you who have not read the report, I recommend that you read about the Haversham Wayfarer Open Meeting in 2012.  Maybe a hangover or two would have helped?

Alexander also had his first outing in his new acquisition, Scruffy.  For the occasion he had a ringer as a crew.  I have no doubt that Alexander will have learned quite a lot.  Guy might also have learned that there is precious little room at the front of a Freddy.  Top tip for Freddy crews - sit facing the stern and don't wear a silly hat!