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17 November - Dull, Damp, Windless


17 Nov 13  001


The 17th of November followed the weather forecast perfectly.  It was a thoroughly miserable day with almost no wind and, although there was no rain as such, we all got fairly damp.

In the first race Les demonstrated that he had been reading his textbook, and in particular the chapter on starting.  He obviously understood that it is good to start in clean air.  That was emphasised in the book.  What Les had neglected to remember was that it is also a pretty good idea to be somewhere near the line for the start.  Giving the whole fleet a 3 minute start obviously gave Les the clean air he was looking for, but he was at somewhat of a disadvantage in having to catch the fleet.

During the race Tom arrived with yet another boat.  This time a new (to him) OK painted in tasteful matt grey with equally tasteful orange cockpit and foils.  The highlights of the new boat are, however the chrome transom and the wonderful built-in cup holders.  You will be able to see yourself as Tom powers off into the distance.  Ross was keen to point out that at this stage Tom was borrowing his new OK.

Tom showed exceptional speed round the course and gave a masterclass in roll tacking.  I thought that I had read somewhere about not being allowed to exit a tack faster than going into it.  Is that Rule 42?

Enjoy the pictures