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24 February 2013

Shock!  Horror!  Wayfarer using tired old rags beats Albacore with brand new sails (made by dyslexic sailmaker) on the water!

On 24 February Richard and Tom proved beyond any doubt that "Flat is Fast" and powered Les' elderly Wayfarer to the front of the fleet.

In spite of being handicapped by a less than perfect toestrap system on one tack, the intrepid duo managed to keep ahead of Stewart for the whole of the race.  On one tack the toestraps are linked together which meant that all was well when both boys were hiking hard.  When Richard decided he was too tired and wanted a rest, his 18 stone weight was removed from the system leaving poor Tom at only 12 stones floundering with his head in the water.

For those youngsters wanting to see how it should be done, have a look at the pictures.  In fact, Les and Graham should have a look at the pictures too.

It was only later that Stewart kindly pointed out that he was using a suit of brand new sails, whereas Richard and Tom were using tired old rags.  Shame that Mike McNamara is dyslexic.  I wonder what discount Stewart was able to negotiate.  Check out the pictures!

No longer can you blame your boat, Les!