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29 December 2013 - Beautiful Sunny Day

29th December was a beautiful sunny day which I am sure will be remembered by all who were at WOSC.  In spite of the temperature barely reaching 6 degrees it was quite warm as long as one kept in the sun.

There were two memorable occasions this time.  One was on the water and the other was in the water.  Both are captured for your entertainment.

Les and Graham eventually managed to fly their spinnaker in a race.  Les had taken instruction from elder son the previous day.  Either Les had forgotten what he had been taught or he wasn't listening to Jon.  In any event Les was soundly beaten by Sue in both races.

The other major event was that Pauline and Stanley went swimming minus wet suits.  I know that this is a somewhat extreme way to celebrate what at that time was a 4-0 Ashes win, but the onlookers (including your correspondent) thought thet they were utterly mad.

Enjoy the pictures.