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Hardwick Hardship 2013


Hardwick Hardship 2013


The annual Hardwick Hardship race was held in glorious weather on Sunday 6th October.  As many of you will know, this is a four hour race with competitors remaining on the water for the complete race.  No changes of crews as in our Night Race or 8 Hour Race.  This is a race for hardy individuals.

In many previous years the race has been held in less than ideal conditions, with competitors and spectators alike freezing in a chilly wind with both low temperatures and frequently rain.  On this occasion the weather was so good that Race Officer Steve and his merry band of helpers conducted the majority from the decking, letting the newer members see just what is involved in running a race.

The wind looked quite unpromising when most of the competitors arrived, but so long as they trusted the weather forecast they were pretty sure that they were in for a great day.

The race itself was a fine affair, with the lead changing between Guy and Ross for the majority of the race.  At the end of the day Guy won by a margin of 3 seconds per lap.  I am sure that Tippy would have been proud to see son and grandson win WOSC's equivalent of the marathon.

Alexander retired shortly before the end.  This year he said that he stopped because he couldn't win anything.  He needs to learn the importance of competing.  The winning is incidental.  At any rate, those readers who can remember last year's Hardwick Hardship will remember Alexander for a different reason.  Having completed the race he had to be deposited at the end of the jetty to make a most undignified, cross legged journey to the loo before his bladder burst.

Enjoy the photos.