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Night Race 2013

The annual Night Race was scheduled for Saturday 22nd June.  The evening was much more pleasant than was forecast, with a reasonable wind and no sign of the promised rain.

Steve and his merry band of helpers (pictured below) dutifully made the preparations for racing during the few hours of darkness.  The most important preliminary was to arrange for lights which would illuminate the marks of the course to aid identification when the sun went down.  Trawling through a crate of bits, 6 lamps were eventually put together to limit the number of marks to 6!

There was much discussion about the course and it was decided to leave the actual choice to the last minute to see what the wind decided to do.

The first few pictures show the action on the lake just a few minutes before the scheduled start.  The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice the lack of competitors.  Of course, you will say, they must be at the other end of the lake.  Well, unfortunately you are wrong because no competitors turned up.  Well, there was one potential exception.

Steve H turned up with plenty of time to spare, but his intention was to spectate.  Having mentioned that he had never won a race in his life, Steve B (Race Officer) developed a cunning plan.  In true Baldrick style the team would consist of Steve H and Denise.

Steve H would start the race and after a lap Steve B would shorten the course before Denise had to take over.  Unfortunately Steve H couldn't be bothered, which in turn suited Steve B who couldn't be bothered either.  Everybody had a great time, but Ray, believing that there would be a race got changed, all for nothing.

After the decision to have no race Steve B reminded your correspondent that in previous years many people arrived on the Friday evening to grab a suitable pitch for their tent.  Indeed this was not so many years ago.

Let's hope that there will be more interest next year.  A considerable amount of preparation goes into the running of a race in darkness and it is a shame that there was no turnout.

There is always next year!