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Les and Graham win a race!

14:56:17 on Sunday 25 May 2014 was the time at which Les and Graham finished the second race of the day.  To the great surprise, nay amazement, of many it was in fact the winning time.  After the RO had checked, rechecked and checked his calculations once again it was announced that Les and Graham were indeed the winners of the race.  In fact the RO spent so much time performing his calculations that the last race was started late.

Much speculation took place as to the cause of the wonderful win.  Theories ranged from hangovers being fast to the fact that Les was actually seen leaning out for what could have been the first time ever.

The win did not seem to be on the cards as the dynamic duo had at one point been overtaken by George and Lucia.  In fact your correspondent was concentrating so hard on what he believed to be the front of the fleet that there are precious few pictures of this momentous event.

Having bathed in their glory and feasted on tea and cake the pair took to the water and hoped to repeat their magnificent performance.  Alas, it was not to be.  Les broke his tiller universal joint and ended up having to steer using a piece of string.  Sadly this proved to be less fast than they managed to achieve in the previous race and they finished in last place a mere 13 seconds behind Sue.