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26th January 2014 - Alexander and the Handbrake




Sunday 26th January dawned cold and damp with a brisk breeze blowing from the South, giving an opportunity to beat and run the length of the lake.

Alexander, fresh from his performance at the Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy, discovered late into his rigging process that Jenny had gone home with his rudder in the back of her car.  It was made clear to anybody who cared to listen to him that Alexander considered this to be a deliberate act of sabotage.  Meanwhile, Olivia simply got on with the job of rigging a club Firefly in order that they could go sailing.

At lunchtime Roger (clearly anxious about his surgery the following day, and in a fragile mental state) had a severe rush of blood to his head which led to Alexander taking to the water in Pink Floyd.  The race was notable for Alexander's excellent start and also Les and Graham giving a perfect example of the Wayfarer Handbrake.  For those wishing to see how to handle a Wayfarer in these conditions, please check this out.  Flat is Fast!

Guess what Alexander wants for his birthday?