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Floods 2014

Racing was cancelled on 12th January for the very good reason that the "facilities" were not working.  I don't wnat to be too graphic about this, but if you understand that WOSC uses a septic tank and the Gents shower was about 4" (10cm for you juniors) deep in water, then you can probably understand the problem and the decision.

The floods were very like the floods of 2007 with one exception.  The weather.  In July 2007 it was somewhat warmer than it was on 12th January! In 2007 the floods arrived in the middle of Summer, during a relatively dry period.  The flooding was dramatic, but it subsided relatively quickly.  In contrast the 2014 floods occurred after a protracted period of wet weather.  The level of ground water had been high for weeks and the additional rain led to flooding and the inevitable consequences to the WOSC "facilities".

Les and Graham took the opportunity of the empty lake to practice spinnaker drill.  Les arrived late and gave Graham a taste of his own medicine.  Graham now knows how Les feels every week.  Having been successful in hoisting the spinnaker, Graham forgot to release the leeward twinning line and Les was very leisurely at the retrieve.  Maddy would not have been impressed.

Julie turned up to make sure that the intrepid duo were safe and well.  She confessed that she would have no idea what to do had they had a mishap.  Whichever of the emergency services that she called out would have to conduct a risk assessment, by which time the dynamic duo would almost certainly have scrambled ahsore or perished in the attempt.