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Les and Graham win!

14:56:17 on Sunday 25 May 2014 was the time at which Les and Graham finished the second race of the day.  To the great surprise, nay amazement, of many it was in fact the winning time.  After the RO had checked, rechecked and checked his calculations once again it was announced that Les and Graham were indeed the winners of the race.  In fact the RO spent so much time performing his calculations that the last race was started late.  Read about it here.

Alexander and the Handbrake

See Alexander's great starts and the magnificent Wayfarer Handbrake demonstrated by Les and Graham.  Read about it here.

Wayfarer Inlands 2013

The Wayfarer inlands were held over the weekend of 7th and 8th September at Haversham.  Read the report to find details of sabotage, jewellery shopping between races and much more.  Read about it here.

Solo Open 2013

The WOSC Solo Open was held on 6th July in Calm to light conditions.  See the pictures.

Night Race 2013

Check out the action pictures from the WOSC Night Race which took place on 22nd June.  This renowned event is a cornerstone of the WOSC sailing calendar.  Pictures are here.

14 April - first warm day, windy from SSW

This was a brilliant day.  Warm, lots of wind, long beats, great reaches and even greater capsizes.  Your correspondent had a fantastic time, although when he was tending his Cobb he missed several photo opportunities!  Pictures are here.

OK Worlds 2013

Check out the latest pictures from Thailand and have a fun game of "Where's Wally".

There will also be dietary advice for our two intrepid heroes who have made such sacrifices to go to a warm climate in the middle of winter with no ice on the water and represent WOSC at the OK Worlds.  Check out the pictures.

Shock! Horror! Wayfarer using tired old rags beats Albacore with brand new sails (made by dyslexic sailmaker) on the water

On Sunday Richard and Tom stormed round the lake proving that "Flat is Fast".

See the pictures!

Unique homework resource

A correspondent has written to inform me that this humble website is proving to be an invaluable resource for school homework in numerous subjects.


Les and Graham unable to sail

Les and Graham were unable to sail on 30 September, which was a beautiful day. 

Les was nursing a nasty face wound received at Stockport when he was bitten by an angry dog.  Graham says there are a lot of dogs in Stockport.

Graham, on the other hand had problems with his plumbing.  Les reckons it's Graham's age!

Check out latest pictures

Check out the latest pictures which include: OK Worlds in Denmark, WOSC 8 Hour Race and Sunday 29 July when Les and Graham flew the flag (and the Police turned up).

For future reference Les, as any vexillologist will tell you, the easy way to know if the Union Flag is the correct way up is to look for the fimbriation of the ordinaries.  If the fimbriation is below the saltire in the upper hoist canton, then the flag is being flown correctly. 

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