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9 December 2012 Commodore Jumps Ship

9 December was a pleasant and breezy day.  It turned out to be memorable for two quite separate reasons.

Firstly, by some miracle Les and Graham actually reached the starting line at the right time, and even more strangely, were pointing in more or less the right direction.  They had a storming race and finished as first Wayfarer.

The second notable event was that Sue (who was miles from the starting line because she had forgotten her watch) managed to capsize with our new Commodore as crew.  Laura, not wishing to get her feet wet was ferried to the shore while Sue manfully (should that be womanfully or personfully) remained at the helm of her stricken craft to be rescued, which took most of the race.

Top Wayfarer tip of the week - make sure you carry a painter, as the rescue boat (no, I know that it should be safety boat and that shortly it will be the patrol boat) will find it difficult to rescue you, safety you or patrol you if the skinny piece of string keeps breaking.

Your correspondent tried his best to help Sue ashore, but as it was a Wayfarer, and it was full of water, it took till the end of the race to recover the monster to its berth.

Enjoy the photos.