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03 November 2013 - Another Fairly Windy Day

03 Nov 13  042


The 3rd of November was another fairly windy day.  Not quite as windy as the day before the St Jude's Day storm, but challenging nevertheless.

Our Firefly crews were completing their final practices prior to the Firefly Inlands at Rutland next weekend.  Someone clearly forgot to tell Tom as he was sailing his Solo.  I just hope that he and Moira don't suffer from the lack of time on the water.

Today was memorable for Burt completing 3 major incidents in 2 weeks.  To be fair, 2 of the 3 involved his own OK, but the third made a mess of Ben's beautiful Enterprise.  Note Ben's tasteful Gaffertape patch.  I just hope that Richard is not insured by Noble Marine!

Andrew and Marion demonstrated good speed during both races.  However, they seemed to have forgotten that staying upright might have given them a better chance of beating Stewart.  Top Tip - swimming will almost always be slower than sailing over a race which lasts an hour!

The day was also memorable because of 2 midlife crises.  Chris succumbed to an Audi A3 convertible, whereas Mike fell for a Streaker.   Please note that Mike's foible is spelled with a capital "S"!

Although the courses had few gybes, there was no shortage of capsizes.  In fact the windward mark, only a few metres from the deck, was a good place to view the action.

Enjoy the pictures.